Question 1- How can your machine tell the type of gold?

Xray for purity, Eddy Current for Plated and other methods have been in the market for some time, Nothing new under the sun, it is The German Engineering That Delivers a Unique Approach and The Know how.

Question 2- How does it work?

Three simple steps:

1- introduce yourself " bring either your driving license/ your ID or any official proof of identity with a picture or seniors card"

2- Introduce your gold " place the gold into the machine, all types together or you can do separate transactions if you like, then choose your type of gold, if you don't know just press not sure, if you have a mixed parcel press mixed gold" then wait until the ATM gives you a Quote , Accept " you will get paid, if you Reject" then take your gold from the ATM, as the gold will stay in front of your eyes.

3- Get Paid, Enter your bank name and account Number, you will be paid instantly.

Question 3- What is your Very Fair Price® Policy?

It works Both ways, the higher the quantity of gold the higher the rate itself , regardless of the color,condition or type..and the Higher the Quality " Carat" the higher the rate, our rates gets adjusted continuously as the ATM is connected to the international Gold Spot Rate, thus the rate will also vary depending on the time you bring it as the price will fluctuates. those with the higher quantity and higher quality will get the higher rates, what's Fair is Fair.

Question 4- what is the minimum Age?

 Strictly 18++ , the ATM will not transfer the money into your account if you are below 18yrs.

Question 5- what Type of gold can the the Gold-ATM® Buy?

All types of gold, all carats, all colors in any condition, as well as platinum and silver jewellery , the machine will not pay any type of gold plated Items.

Question 6- What if I want to Negotiate the price?

Yes you can negotiate with the machine, Press [ request a Bonus] Only if you have a higher quantity and a higher quality the ATM will give you a bonus accordingly, if you are placing 1 or 2 grams into the machine please be realistic....

Question 7 - How long will it take before i get my money?

Normally instant payments Take about 30 minutes or so depending on your bank and the cut off point, some might be within 24hrs maximum. from our side we process the payments instantly.

Question 8 - Can i have cash instead of transfer?

We believe that cashless is the safest way. we do not place cash in the machine. HOWEVER, IF YOU PREFER CASH, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, JUST TYPE CASH IN THE BANK DETAILS AREA.

Question 9 - How safe is your machine?

We take the full responsibility, 100% guaranteed of your transaction from A-Z, the machine has a built in camera system inside/out as well as asset tracking devices, we are always monitoring.

Question 10 - What about my Diamonds and gemstones?

We will buy back large Diamonds only above 0.50ct at Rap 60% below and only of a good quality, all smaller diamonds will be scraped. we will send you the money on top of your original quote. 

Question 11 - Can i buy a Gold ATM Machine or franchise it, how much will it cost me?

Please email for more information.   

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