Loan Your Gold

The Truth About Loans


The Truth About Loans:

Most Dealers & Pawn Shops will give you a small loan of 30-40% of your gold value & worse they will charge you a 30-65% interest Rate & Extreme Fees.

You will pay ZERO% interest rate and Zero% fees with US...

With Gold ATM; You can Get a Loan worth 80-100% of Your gold value & we will charge you ZERO% interest rate & ZERO% Fees.


Most Pawn shops will luck your gold for 2 years & most likely they will loose it.

With Gold ATM ; YOU will make the Right choice that is suited to your conditions, One Month 2 Months or 3 Months, lucked in a secured Vault, upon Your request.

With Gold ATM; You will benefit the most, as we will luck your Selling / Buy Back Price at the current market Price, So You do not have to worry about the gold price fluctuations.

You will pay ZERO% interest rate and Zero% fees.

Did you Know that Most Dealers will never till you if the price goes up and if the gold price goes down they will call You to pay back the money in the same day or they will smelt down your gold.

Avoid those dangerous Dealers and Pawn Brokers and deal directly with Gold ATM, Safe & Secure, Saves You Time, Effort & Petrol, Convenient Locations in the shopping malls under secure Systems.

we are New Zealand Highest Rate Payers, Only at, the highest prices per gram for old gold, we Buy Old Gold Old jewelery, anything gold, Auckland, Manukau, Botany, Henderson, Kumue, west City, North Shore, 9ct, 18ct, 22ct Indian Gold, 999 24ct  China Gold. ***T&C.

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Gold ATM specialized in Gold Buying , old gold price, old gold buyers, old jewelry buyers

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Why Gold ATM?
You Will Get Paid More Money " up to 100%"
You Will Get Convenience & Simplicity
You Will Get Safety & Security
You Will Get To save Time, Effort & Petrol
You Will Get Trust, It will never sweet talk You
You Will Get Honesty with self-Calibrated scales
You Will Get Accuracy "the most advanced System"
Why Even Bother Shopping around?
You Should Make The Right Choice