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TJ Handcrafted is a Manufacturing Jewelers in Auckland

You deserve the highest Quality Service & Products, We are committed to providing just that; Experienced Gold & Diamond Manufacturers.

Custom Jewellery design & manufacturing Specially for You:

. Re-modelling of existing jewellery.

. Resizing & Repairing rings.

. Replacing Claws.

. Rhodium plating.

. Replacement stones & stone setting.

. Bracelet, Chain, Rings & Pendant Repairs.

. CAD design & Casting.

. Diamonds & Gemstone Dealers & Suppliers.

. Insurance Valuation

To learn more about our services & what we offer, please contact us, we are here to serve You.




TJ Handcrafted

Tj gold & diamonds are a Manufacturing jewellers, visit our site

Manufacturing jewelers. Jewelry Repairs

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