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                                                             Invest In Gold Now

                         { Those Who They Own The Gold They Wrote The History }

 "A Wise Investor will always Keep 20% of The wealth In Gold, at any time and in any Country

 Minimum Investment is 300g pure gold, 3x100g Bars or More

 We Charge 2.5% Above the spot rate For Selling and 2% for Buying, Discount on                  Larger Quantities Only and subject to approval.

For Corporate orders: Lots of 50Kgs We charge Maximum Spot + 1%. T&C apply.

We only accept LME Registered Bullion Bars and coins, All other local and International None LME registered Bullion will be subject to X-ray Testing and will be down Graded According to the test results.

Gold Price is Breaking to the up side


NZD is Sliding Down Against The green Back

Valcambi 100g mint.jpg

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